Our Story

Haute Boutik was originally founded in 2015 in Raleigh, NC by Latika Williams but after birthing her daughter in 2016, she paused the brand.

After taking time off, she noticed the lack of uniqueness in the boutique world. Everyone was selling the same things and it was just…BORING! She knew that there was a place for the unique brand she started so she decided to officially relaunch in October of 2018.

Since childhood, she’s always had a thing for putting together unique outfits that demand compliments. Often, people would say that looks amazing ON YOU but it wouldn’t look that great on me. That always puzzled her because why not wear what you want?! Who said something wouldn’t look good on you?!

It has been her dream for all women to be bold in life while wearing bold looks doing it. While most women were taught to be quiet and follow the flow, Latika wants women to do the opposite. Demand the room, take up space, and live your wildest dreams unapologetically.

Latika has built a six-figure (and counting) brand by simply being her authentic self. Unique style has always been her thing. Bold, vibrant, and unexpected. Haute Boutik was made for women who don’t want to blend in.

We mix colors, and patterns to curate the most magical trendy but timeless brand to date. We aren’t here to sell and style the same thing as other boutiques. We’re here to change the creativity in fashion one Haute Boutik outfit at a time.

While we’re often imitated, we’re never duplicated.

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