10 Bomb Ways to Style a Slip Skirt for Fall

 First, just in case you're living under a rock! That below, my friend, is a slip skirt! Traditionally, it was worn as an undergarment. If you were in church as a little girl like myself then you wore one of those EVERY Sunday. 

For the past few years, slip skirts has had us in a complete chokehold. I literally don't know how we lived without them to be quite honest?! There are so many reasons why you need a slip skirt from the comfort to how flattering it looks on ANY body to its versatility. Here are 5 ways that you can effortlessly slay in a slip skirt!

 1. With a matching top

Play it safe with a matching top. Most places provide a matching top to their slip skirts. Take the easy way out and just wear it the pieces together! 

2. With a chunky knit sweater. 

Throw on your favorite sweater whether you go monochrome or make it a color-blocking moment. Tuck it in for a polished look or wear it out for a more effortless look and pair with your favorite sneakers, booties or pumps. (photo: https://blankitinerary.com/season-staple-the-slip-dress.html)

3. With a graphic tee.

One of my absolutely favorite things to do is dress down a dressy piece. It gives major fly girl vibes. Top it off with a denim jacket, plaid flannel or leather moto jacket and your favorite kicks. 

4. With an Oversized Blazer

Work? Check. Church? Check. Easily the most fashionable, polished way to style the slip skirt. 

5. As a color-blocking moment.

 I think that this i my FAVORITE way to style a slip skirt. It's fun. It's unexpected. & it's going to get you a ton of compliments!


Lastly, we must remind you that while slip skirts can be worn safely in your traditional colors, it's imperative that you play it FUN! Go in color or go home!
Let's have fun in getting dressed again!
xo -Tika

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